About GSF Foundation


The Gayah and Semera Fahnbulleh Foundation (GSF Foundation) is poised to launch a campaign across communities in rural Liberia by linking healthy and productive living with accessibility to safe and clean water, good sanitation and overall hygiene.

Furthermore, the foundation will also focus on a number of key areas to help improve and shed light on some of the difficulties and challenges of these vulnerable communities. We are committed to these goals through education, programs, fundraising and workshops.

Our Mission

The GSF Foundation is determined to contribute positively to the improvement of life in Monrovia and rural communities by establishing sustainable, community oriented  projects, beginning with the installation of hand pumps and public toilet facilities in towns and villages throughout Liberia. Establishing educational workshops and seeking funding and fundraising goals in our efforts to provide and supply key equipment and structural assistance in the aide of our goals.

Helping Rural Communities

Our Services

  1. Feed & Clothes for less Fortunate Children across Rural Communities and Slums in Liberia.
  2. Provide Scholarships, Books & Supplies, Create Libraries, Computer and Science Labs for students  K – 12, Establish recreation facilities and Encourage Cultural Diversity.
  3. Promote Drug Awareness & Prevention in Schools; establish After School and Tutorial Programs as well as provide Sporting Goods & Encourage Sports in Schools & Community Slums.
  4. Build Hand Pumps & Toilets; Promote Good Sanitation & Overall Hygiene in Schools, Poor Communities and Slums by linking healthy & productive living – with accessibility to safe and clean drinking water.
  5. Address Gender-Based Violence through Education Awareness of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, and Access to Justice for Victims.
  6. Establishing Rural & Mobile Clinics and outfitting them with medical equipment and supplies.
  7. Providing Emergency Services Vehicles such as: Ambulances, Firetrucks, Police Cars and Buses.