About GSF Foundation


The Gayah and Semera Fahnbulleh Foundation (GSF Foundation) is poised to launch a campaign across communities in rural Liberia by linking healthy and productive living with accessibility to safe and clean water, good sanitation and overall hygiene.

As cited in numerous national and international studies, many Liberians lack access to safe, clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, particularly children, who die of water borne diseases and exposure to unsanitary living conditions each year.

68 percent of Liberians lack access to safe and clean drinking water

The Comprehensive Food Security and Nutrition Survey states that 68% of the Liberian population relies on untreated wells, rivers, ponds, creeks and swamps for drinking water.

Helping Rural Communities

Our Mission

The GSF Foundation is determined to contribute positively to the improvement of life in these rural communities by establishing sustainable, community oriented water and sanitation projects, beginning with the installation of hand pumps and public toilet facilities in towns and villages throughout Liberia.

With various government and UN surveys revealing that millions of people in Liberian villages, towns and cities lack access to safe, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, with thousands of Liberians, mainly children, dying each year due to the lack of, GSF foundation sees no better way to help rural Liberian communities, other than helping in providing them a complete access to good hygiene, better sanitation and safe and clean drinking water.