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How You Can Help or How Can You Help?

The GSF Foundation has ascertained through its ongoing research that there are simple solutions to saving millions of lives in Liberia as regards to clean water and the creation of sanitary environments. These include the erection of water wells, water pumps, community pit latrines and extensive common sense education regarding sanitation. You can help to save lives in Liberia and prevent an epidemic by supporting this endeavor financially.

68 percent of Liberians lack access to safe and clean drinking water: The Comprehensive Food Security and Nutrition Survey states that 68% of the Liberian population relies on untreated wells, rivers, ponds, creeks and swamps for drinking water

Join GSF Foundation in its campaign to save lives each year through its village pump and latrine programs. With your generous donations, community water pumps and village latrines will be built throughout rural Liberia to avert thousands of preventable deaths.

With your generous donation, latrines like the one to your left will be built to mitigate thousands of deaths in rural Liberian communities.

100% of your donation will directly go to the funding of water and sanitation projects in Liberia

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